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1.  FREE Quotes – no “Bait and Switch” tactics!
2.  FREE In-Home Inspections of Furnace, Ducts, & Dryer Vent
3.  NADCA and QUADCA Certified Air Duct Technicians
4.  We take Before & After photos of all work.
5.  6 month guarantee on all work
6.  “If You’re Not Happy, You Don’t Pay!”
7.  We leave your home cleaner than we found it.
8.  Great reputation with over 300+ 5-Star Reviews
9.  Our equipment can clean any type of ductwork
10. You can watch us work and ask questions during the process! 

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Air Duct Cleaning

Supreme Vent Cleaning uses the most efficient air duct cleaning equipment and processes in the industry. We effectively clean ANY type of duct work, whether it be the galvanized vent lines or insulated flex lines. Our guarantee, “If you’re not happy, you don’t pay,” is the best in the Phoenix area and our pricing is unbeatable! In fact, we will meet or beat any competitor’s price! Throw in the fact that we show you before and after pictures of our work, and you can see why we are the best air duct cleaner in Phoenix.

Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning in Phoenix and the surrounding area is an important home maintenance item that needs to be addressed on an annual basis. The risk of a dryer fire is real when you have a clogged dryer vent line and you can eliminate that risk by having Supreme clean the dryer vent line. We are the best dryer vent cleaning service in Phoenix and the surround area. We test every dryer for proper air flow to PROVE that it is clean and working properly.

Multi-Unit Dryer Vent Cleaning

Supreme dryer vent cleaning cleans over 10,000 multi-unit dryer vents per year. We are considered the “EXPERT” in multi-unit dryer vent cleaning in Phoenix and the surrounding area. No other company can offer our low pricing and our incredible 6-month guarantee. Our pricing starts out at $18 per vent! We have the required insurance coverage to do work for any company in the country! We will provide as many references as necessary to prove to you that we are the best dryer vent cleaners in Phoenix.

Dryer Vent Line Repairs

The need for dryer vent line repairs is large and Supreme is the company to call. We are good at repairing and replacing transition tubes and most dryer vent lines. We find that most customers have “unsafe” transition tubes as they are either torn, too long or simply pinched off against the wall behind the dryer. We fix these concerns. We can also take care of the bird and/or rodent issues on the outside of the home by changing out the ineffective vent cover. We use attractive, yet effective, special covers that stop those pests from entering the dryer vent line.

Top-Rated Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Professionals

If you’re searching for air duct cleaning in Phoenix and dryer vent cleaning in Phoenix, look no further than our experienced and certified team at Supreme Vent Cleaning. We know the importance of clean and healthy air in your home along with a safe and efficient clothes dryer, which is why we’re dedicated to providing you with a thorough and effective duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning service.

Multi-unit dryer vent cleaning in Phoenix and the surrounding area is also a huge demand and at some point, every dryer vent line needs to be cleaned. Supreme has the expertise and experience to clean any type of dryer vent line. And we don’t get intimidated by the number of units to be cleaned. We clean approximately 10,000 dryer vents each year in the central Iowa area and in our first year in the Phoenix area we have cleaned approximately 3,000! Once the word gets out about our pricing, quality work and unbelievable 6 month guarantee, the numbers will explode!

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

If you or a member of your family suffers from any allergies or respiratory issues, air duct cleaning takes on a whole new level of importance. Supreme Vent Cleaning understands that the air vents and air ducts build up with dust, debris, allergens, mold spores, and other contaminants. When the air conditioner or furnace turns on, those contaminants get circulated throughout your home.

According to CDC, the air inside of your home is more polluted than the air outside. If you spend more time inside your home than outside, it stands to reason that you have a higher risk of illness from within your home than being outside. Supreme is the best air duct cleaning company in Phoenix because we use the most efficient equipment and processes for cleaning air ducts. Our technicians go into every job with a “5-Star” mentality.

No other company beats our pricing and our guarantee! Whatever Supreme Vent Cleaning quotes you over the phone is the price you will pay to have your ENTIRE air duct system cleaned. Many companies give you a low price over the phone and then when they get in your house they tell you that price was only for some of your vents. If you want the entire system cleaned, you’d have to pay more money. That is an unethical “bait and switch” tactic! You will not have that experience with Supreme. When comparing the cost of air duct cleaning in Phoenix, make sure the price you get over the phone is for the ENTIRE system. Before you let
the company in your door, verify the price and make sure it includes the ENTIRE system. Then make sure the company you hire provides a guarantee on their work and that they provide you with proof of cleaning with pictures and/or videos. Make sure they will allow you to follow them around as they work and watch and ask questions. We offer all these things plus our guarantee is, “If you’re not happy, you don’t pay.”

That’s why Supreme Vent Cleaning is the best air duct cleaner in the Phoenix Metro area.

The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

If you are wondering if you need dryer vent cleaning in Phoenix AZ, the answer is yes. All dryer vent lines accumulate lint over time and it causes a reduction in air flow. This reduction in air flow causes the dryer to work longer in drying the clothes. It also poses a danger of fire. Supreme Vent Cleaning techs are well-trained and have the experience and equipment to successfully clean any dryer vent line. We also repair and rebuild dryer vent lines as well as providing the best dryer vent cleaning service.

Again, we guarantee our work for 6 months and “If you’re not happy, you don’t pay!” That’s why we are the best Phoenix dryer vent cleaning service.

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