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Duct Cleaning Tempe

Nothing keeps indoor air quality at the highest level than regularly scheduling professional duct cleaning Tempe. Supreme offers expert air duct cleaning Tempe, designed to remove pounds of dirt and debris stuck to the walls of your home’s duct system.

A home can accumulate as much as seven pounds or more of lint and dust. If you’ve never scheduled duct cleaning Tempe , your ducts and dryer vent have never been cleaned before, and you are at risk not only for allergies and respiratory issues but also for unpredictable dryer fire, which costs Americans a quarter of a billion dollars yearly.

Call Supreme today at (602) 935-1252 and ask us about our top-rated air duct cleaning Tempe. The Supreme team is also well-equipped to perform Tempe dryer vent cleaning services.


Don’t delay! Professional air duct cleaning Tempe can help reduce the incidence of allergies and prolong your dryer’s life.

Is Duct Cleaning Tempe Truly Important?

Breathing in clean air is often overlooked and underappreciated. However, if your air ducts aren’t serviced regularly, they will supply anything but clean and healthy air.

Air and dryer ducts can become clogged with chemicals, mold, dirt, dust, and other contaminants. The presence of these pollutants lowers indoor air quality, triggering lung infections, allergic reactions, and even death in those already medically vulnerable.

Cleaning your air ducts regularly is essential for more than just the obvious reasons for removing air pollutants.

Cleaning air ducts is necessary to ensure that the air inside your leased property or home is healthy and clean. Landlords have a lot more responsibility, as their tenants’ health is on the line.

The health benefits of clean indoor air cannot be overstated. That’s why it’s always wise to regularly clear the air with Supreme’s air duct cleaning Tempe services.

Everyone in a residential structure is at risk for health problems if contaminants are present in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

Property owners and property managers have many responsibilities, and one of the most important is ensuring people who live or work in the building have access to clean air.

The air ducts in your home can be a breeding ground for allergens if dust, chemicals, or mold are allowed to accumulate there. People who spend extended periods in an enclosed space, breathing in these irritants, may develop chronic allergy symptoms.

Viruses and other deadly pathogens released as particulates can linger in the air for hours if the ventilation system isn’t cleaned, making it easy to spread respiratory illnesses like the common cold and the flu among building occupants and visitors. Coronavirus is found to be capable of spreading via airborne particles.

It is even more critical to clean HVAC air ducts now that tenants and office workers have returned.

While many buildings were unoccupied, managers have completely stopped HVAC maintenance and air duct cleaning Tempe, allowing allergens and mold to flourish. Inadequate cleaning of these systems before reactivation will result in the redistribution of contaminants throughout the building.

Experts suggest consulting an air duct cleaning professional to devise a strategy for removing any potentially hazardous accumulation.

Contaminants negatively impact air quality and circulation in your HVAC system. For example, when dust, mold, and other contaminants accumulate in a building’s air ducts, they can block the airflow, bringing them even more contaminants and reducing the system’s efficiency.

This will significantly impact the efficiency of the building’s air conditioning and heating systems, as well as the quantity of clean air circulating through the system. Mechanical ventilation and HVAC systems are built to remove contaminants from the air and distribute conditioned, clean air throughout a building.

When there is a buildup in the system, the machinery must work harder, which puts more stress on the machinery and uses more energy. Ultimately, it costs more to run the machinery because the duct system is dirty if you don’t schedule regular duct cleaning Tempe.

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Thinking About Tempe Dryer Vent Cleaning?

I bet you didn’t know that dryer lint can start a fire in your home. If it catches fire, the entire home is in danger. In fact, between 2010 and 2014, dryers and adjacent washing machines were responsible for 15,970 fires per year in the US. In other words, this is a valid worry.

Do you wish to lessen your household’s vulnerability to dryer fires? First, your dryer’s vent needs to be cleaned. Tempe dryer vent cleaning ensures that your vents don’t have lint that can catch fire.

It’s as simple as that: if a spark has nothing to catch, it can’t start a fire. Dust and debris accumulate in dryer vents over time. This buildup of dirt and debris reduces the available space to escape stale air. This means that the dryer must work harder to maintain its normal functions.

As a natural consequence, this causes a rise in energy expenditure. Cleaning out the dryer vent is necessary to maximize your energy savings. When the dryer vent is clean, the exhaust air can flow freely without working harder or using more energy than necessary. It’s impossible to predict how much money you’ll save on your energy bills when you regularly schedule Tempe dryer vent cleaning.

However, remember that the cost will likely exceed that of a professional dryer cleaning.

As was previously mentioned, a dirty dryer vent forces the adjacent dryer to work harder. As a result, a dryer’s lifespan decreases in proportion to the amount of effort required of it. Therefore, dryer vent cleaning should be done yearly to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Consider Tempe dryer vent cleaning every six to nine months if your household is more significant than average (that is if there are more than five people). If a dryer vent accumulates too much lint, the dryer will not dry clothes as quickly or efficiently. The task can still be completed, but it will require significantly more effort.

However, this is a double waste of resources. The duration of the process will also increase. Sometimes, it might even prevent laundry or linens from drying entirely in a single cycle.

You may need to keep a close eye on your dryer and run it several times in quick succession to avoid giving your clothes and linens a musty smell and dingy appearance. However, avoid having to keep an eye on the dryer for an extended time. Rather than worrying about your laundry until the end of the day, get Tempe dryer vent cleaning and get better results.

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Rick and his guys are the best! I didn’t realize how dirty my ducts and vents were! They cleaned all my vents and ducts professionally and I did not have to clean up after them! My place smells and feels so much better now.
Fantastic company. The gal that answered the phone was great. The tech that came was Chase. He was very professional and explained everything in detail. He also showed me the picture of before and after. Also my dryer vent was beyond filthy and almost completely clogged. He came and got me to show me what came out of the dryer vent. Unbelievable how bad that was.

Indoor air pollution levels can be 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels.

The average American is indoors about
93% of the time.

1/5 of Americans suffer from allergies that can be worsened by allergens in the ducts.