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When it comes to dryer vent cleaning in Phoenix, many people don’t even think about their clothes dryer and the fact that it needs maintenance and cleaning just like other appliances they own. They take it for granted that it dries their clothes and it is basically out-of-sight-out-of-mind. I’m here to tell you that the dryer is one of the most dangerous appliances you have. It’s a hidden danger that needs to be addressed.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are 2900 clothes dryer fires every year that causes approximately 5 deaths and 100 injuries. On top of that, there is $35 million in damage to property. Here’s what you need to understand.

While the lint screen catches lint, it doesn’t catch all the lint. The lint that gets through ends up resting inside the dryer motor housing and the dryer vent line. This build up of lint is the danger point. It can catch fire if it gets hot enough. And looking at the stats above, that happens.

Now that you understand the danger of a dryer with lint buildup, how can you tell when the dryer vent needs cleaned? Let’s take a look at some of the signs.

  1. The Laundry is Still Wet After One Drying Cycle.

If you run a load of clothes through one drying cycle and they are still wet, this could be a sign that the dryer vent needs cleaning. But you must also consider the size of the load and the type of material you are trying to dry.

Example: If you pack all heavy cotton towels into the dryer, it could be that you have too big of a load for the dryer to dry in one cycle. One way to tell is to dry one-half load of wet towels for one cycle and check the dryness. If they are wet the vent line may need cleaned.

  1. It Takes More Time Than Normal to Dry the Clothes

You may be noticing that it is taking longer and longer to dry a normal load of clothes. You’re not over filling the dryer. It’s the same size and type of clothes that you normally dry. It just seems like it’s taking longer and longer for them to dry. This is a good sign that the dryer vent needs cleaned.

  1. The Dryer Feels Extremely Hot but the Clothes Smell Musty

When you open the dryer door and touch the clothes, they feel extremely hot but they smell musty and have a little dampness to them. You think that the high temperature should be drying the clothes and you are confused as to why they are not dry. You have to get them dry or the dampness can lead to bacteria growth. An extremely hot dryer with damp clothes is a good indicator of a cleaning.

  1. The Laundry Room is Hotter Than Normal

A properly operating clothes dryer will expel the hot exhaust out the dryer vent line. This allows the laundry room to remain a normal, comfortable temperature. If the dryer vent line is clogged, the dryer can’t expel the hot air and it overheats the dryer which in turn overheats the laundry room. Through our dryer vent cleaning in Phoenix and the surrounding area experiences,  if your laundry room is hotter than normal, you might probably need to clean the dryer vent line.

  1. More Lint Than Normal Building Up on The Lint Screen

If the lint that normally exits the dryer via the dryer vent line can’t do so because the vent line is plugged, it will create more buildup on the lint screen. If you notice that you are cleaning off more lint than normal, that is a sign your dryer vent line needs cleaned.

  1. Damage to the Dryer Vent Line Cover

If you go outside and find where the dryer vent line exhausts you will see a protective cover with a flap or multiple flaps. Sometimes this protective cover gets damaged and as a result the flap (s) can’t open enough to let the dryer exhaust out fast enough. This will create back pressure and the lint can build up in the line. The exhaust cover needs to be repaired or replaced to provide sufficient air flow. You will also want to clean the vent line to remove the lint.

  1. You Have Too Long of a Transition Duct or it is Damaged

Many times, we get called to a house where the owner can’t understand why the dryer isn’t drying normally but it’s a newer house and certainly there can’t be enough lint buildup to warrant dryer vent cleaning.

You can look behind the dryer and check out the condition of the transition duct (the tube connecting the dryer to the wall or floor pipe). If it is longer than necessary and coiled up, it can cause too much back pressure. If the dryer is pushed up tight against the wall, pinching off the tube, it creates back pressure.

You need to shorten long transition ducts and you need to make sure to give the necessary room behind the dryer to not pinch off the airflow. After you have done this, clean the back of the dryer and the transition duct to get any lint out.


Dryer fires are a real thing. It is the hidden danger in your home! People don’t pay attention to dryer maintenance until after the dryer quits drying properly. Even then home owners will call an appliance guy to come out and fix the dryer when all it needed was a cleaned dryer vent line.

The “signs” above are all good indicators and should be noticed. You need to put a reminder on your calendar to get your dryer vent line cleaned out every year or at least every two years.

The techs at Supreme Vent Cleaning are very good at dryer vent cleaning in Phoenix and the surrounding area. We use a special tester that measures the air flow so that we can prove to the customer that the dryer is venting properly. Call Supreme Air Duct Cleaning today!