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How your AC & Allergies Are Connected

Allergies can be annoying, and cause symptoms such as itchy eyes or watery tears, runny noses, or itchiness in the throat. Antihistamines and nasal sprays can control the symptoms. The HVAC system can spread allergens throughout the home through dirty ducts. These allergens include dust mites and pet dander. You can control your allergies by taking care of your home. Supreme Vent Duct Cleaning Phoenix is here to help! Call us or visit our website today to receive a no-obligation quote for your next air duct cleaning service. We want to make you healthy again!


allergy-dust-acAllergies to grasses, trees, and weeds can cause congestion, runny eyes, and itchy noses. Spring is the most common season, but they can also occur in summer or fall. People with chronic sinusitis and asthma may experience symptoms all year round. Some people are particularly sensitive to the pollen of birches and oaks.

It’s best to stay indoors during allergy season and avoid outdoor activities when the pollen count is at its highest. Stay indoors and use the air conditioner to cool, clean, and dry the air. When you turn your AC off, keep your fan on so pollen won’t settle and cause allergies to flare up when you turn it back on. Wear a mask and close your windows if you must be outside. Wear wraparound sunglasses to protect your eyes against pollen and delegate yardwork to another person. Rinse your hair and skin after you have been outside to remove any pollen. Brush your pet to stop them from bringing pollen into the house, especially if they are left on furniture such as a couch or bed.

The immune system releases antibodies when a person has an allergy to pollen. It mistakenly views these tiny spores of pollen as a danger and attacks them. The release of histamines is the result.

Allergy tests can pinpoint the allergens that cause your symptoms. A doctor or allergist may ask you about your symptoms and perform a skin-test. The doctor will use small amounts of allergens to prick the skin and watch for red bumps. These tests will help you determine the best medication for you. Then, you can buy antihistamines and other medications to alleviate your symptoms. A doctor can prescribe stronger drugs such as corticosteroids for severe asthma and chronic sinusitis. These drugs treat the cause of allergies rather than the symptoms. These medications can be more efficient than over-the counter drugs. They are more expensive but can have a significant impact on your life. It’s crucial to see an allergist as soon as possible if you are suffering from allergies. Your doctor can find a treatment that fits your budget and needs.


Allergies occur when the immune system of a person reacts to irritants like pollen, pet hair, dust mites and mold. These irritants can enter the body via skin and breathing. Watery eyes, a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing and itchy skin are all symptoms of allergies. Doctors can prescribe medication to alleviate allergy symptoms.

Dust mites, which are tiny creatures, can cause allergies when they release an allergen derived from their feces and body fragments. Dust mites thrive in warm, humid environments. They can be found in mattresses, carpets and rugs, as well as old clothing, pillows, and stuffed toys. Air ducts are another place where they may be found.

Dust mites feed on the tiny skin flakes shed by humans every day. Also, they absorb moisture from air. They die if the humidity drops. Dust mites can be found in almost any climate, though they are more common in humid and warm climates.

Allergy patients are especially sensitive to the droppings from the tiny creatures. Inhaling the mites or meeting a sensitive person can cause nasal congestion, sneezing and itchy eyes. Inflammation of the nasal and sinus epithelium can lead to atrophic rhinitis. This condition causes tissues to shrink and harden.

Remove wall-to-wall flooring and replace it with wood or tiles to reduce dust mites. It’s also important to use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. The presence of dust mites can be reduced by regularly washing bedding materials such as pillowcases. sheets and blankets in hot, soapy water. In the bedroom, it is better to use fabrics made of cotton, polyester, and synthetic fibers than wool. Remove all fabric draperies and window treatments from your bedroom and replace them with plastic or wooden blinds. A mattress and box spring with dust-proof and allergen-proof covers that zip up will help protect your sleeping area from dust mites.

Air duct cleaners are another option to help eliminate dust mites or allergies. Supreme Vent Cleaning will perform a thorough cleaning of your duct system. When you purchase a home or have not had this service performed since moving in, it is vital to get it done. It is possible for dust and pet hair to hide in your system. This does not mean they are clean. Supreme Vent Cleaning Phoenix will take pictures before and after cleaning your ducts, so you know exactly what was done.dirty-duct-allergies


It is a great experience to own a pet. Children learn responsibility and love from their pet, and often form lifelong bonds with them. Some people with allergies may suffer from uncomfortable symptoms like runny or itchy eyes and noses. Dogs, cats, and animals with fur or feathers such as rodents shed tiny flecks from their skin. This protein can cause severe allergic reactions.

This allergen is so light that it can easily stick to items, such as fabrics, furniture, and even things carried in and out of your home. The size of these flecks makes it easy to inhale them, which can lead to symptoms like wheezing, sneezing and runny eyes.

Dander can linger for 4-7 months in a home after the pet has been removed. Children and adults can develop allergy symptoms long after the pet has left, and even family members without a history of allergies may be affected. Dander contains allergy-triggering protein, which encourages the growth of dust mites. This can increase allergy symptoms. Pet dander can cause allergies, which is why it’s important to clean frequently and keep the pet dander in check.

Pet dander can be minimized by keeping pets outside as much as you can and by not allowing your pet to enter bedrooms or areas that cause allergies. The use of a HEPA air filter in your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system will help you remove airborne allergens as they circulate through your house. Regularly cleaning the house and using an Air Purifier will help to reduce the dander levels in your home. For severe cases of pet dander allergies, you may want to consult with an allergist/immunologist to find the right treatment plan for you.

Supreme Air Duct cleaning also provides a pet dander removal service. It includes the cleaning of your ductwork and furnace blower compartment, as well as a complimentary dryer vent cleaning. The ducts are also photographed before and after cleaning. Call Supreme Vent Cleaning Phoenix for a free  quote. You can also visit our website to obtain an estimate.


Molds belong to Kingdom Fungi and are an integral part of our environment. They can grow on plants, soil and decomposing organic materials. In nature they are important for breaking down leaves, animals, and trees. Mold growth indoors can be a serious health issue for those with allergies and asthma. This can lead to several health issues, including headaches, sinus congestion and tiredness.

Symptoms of mold allergies vary according to the person. Some mold allergy sufferers have symptoms year-round, while other people notice their symptoms when it is damp or they’re in areas where there are high levels of mold. Other symptoms that are commonly experienced include nasal congestion, watery or red eyes and sneezing. Some symptoms are more serious, such as memory loss, fatigue, or respiratory distress. The molds may also release mycotoxins. These are dangerous poisons which can be harmful to anyone with a compromised immunity system.

The mold forms long filaments called hyphae when conditions are ideal for it to grow. These hyphae intertwine, creating a mycelium structure. Mycelium gives mold its structural support as well as nutrients. Hyphae reproduce through microscopic spores, which look like tiny seeds. They float around in the air. As they pass along the mycelium, spores spread out and germinate when they touch a surface with moisture and organic materials.

Molds produce many airborne, tiny spores as they grow. These spores may irritate sensitive people’s noses, throats, or lungs. The molds that grow on surfaces can also infect other objects and surfaces around the house.

The proliferation of allergens and mold in the home can be attributed to dirty ductwork. Dust particles can be released from uncleaned ductwork, aggravating allergies, and asthma. The ductwork can carry pollen which may cause an allergic reaction in those sensitive to the substance. Pet dander can cause symptoms to people allergic to cats or dogs.


EPA has publications for guidance on identifying possible indoor air quality problems and ways to prevent or fix them. Please contact us for help identifying indoor air problems, and how to fix or prevent them. The most common allergens include mold, dust mites, and pet dander. They can be caught in your air system, which circulates throughout the house. You can get rid of these allergies by hiring an air duct cleaner. Supreme Vent Cleaning can remove 100% of pet and dust dander from your house. Supreme Vent Cleaning Phoenix should perform air duct cleaning service every 8-10 year. You will immediately notice the difference when you clean your air ducts. The results of this service are lasting. You can call us or check our website for any final questions. This is an investment you won’t regret. Supreme Vent Cleaning won’t disappoint. The work we do is guaranteed for six months.