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How to Prevent Dryer Fires

Dryers produce a lot of lint. Most people believe that lint is caught in their lint traps, but the truth is, a large amount ends up on heating elements and in the dryer vent line. Lint can be highly flammable. Maintaining your dryer’s preventive maintenance can help reduce the fire risk. This includes cleaning your dryer vent, the lint screen, and the outdoor vent. Supreme Vent Cleaning Phoenix provides excellent dryer vent cleaning services. Call Supreme Vent Cleaning for free quote for dryer vent cleaning services in Phoenix.clean_lint_dryer

Clean the Lint Trap

When it comes to protecting against dryer fires, the lint filter is your first line of defense. It is important to make cleaning the lint filter a regular habit. Make a calendar note or a phone call to remind you of this important chore.

You may need to do a thorough cleaning of the dryer vent if you have cleaned your lint filter and your clothes take longer to dry. If you smell smoke, you should clean your entire vent. The entire vent needs to be cleaned. This involves more work than just cleaning the lint and screen. However, it is important to do this regularly to maintain your dryer’s efficiency and reduce the chance of fires.

You should also clean your dryer’s ducting system. It’s important to keep this section clean as well. The ducting running from the wall behind the dryer to the external vent outside your home is what causes the most fires. Cleaning it yourself is not recommended. Supreme Vent Cleaningcan do this for you. Supreme Vent Cleaning Phoenix has highly trained technicians who use professional equipment to clean your dryer vent line.

Supreme Vent Cleaning is the best professional to contact if you haven’t cleaned your dryer vents in a long time or can’t recall when they were last professionally cleaned. We will use special tools to remove clogs and thoroughly clean the entire vent line. This improves your dryer’s efficiency and reduces your risk of a house fire caused by clogged air vents. Supreme can also make sure that your lint-trap and transition ducts were installed properly to prevent leaks. These could lead to housefires. For any inquiries regarding dryer vent cleaning and/or repair, give Supreme Vent Cleaning Phoenix a call.

Transition Duct Repair

The dryer will blow out most of the lint that is collected in the lint-trap, but some may accumulate in the warmer parts of the machine. This highly flammable lint will ignite and burn the vent system and dryer. A clean lint trap can help to speed up your dryer cycle and save money. Clean the lint-trap before or after doing every load of washing.

The transition duct consists of a metal or a plastic tube which carries the exhaust air out from your dryer. This should be done through a wall on your exterior. It is important to clean your lint-trap and the transition duct. It is estimated that hundreds of house fires are caused by dryer vents not being cleaned and maintained properly. It is important that they are not pushed up against a wall. Many ducts get installed quickly & incorrectly. Supreme Vent Cleaning Phoenixinspects the transition duct around the back of your dryer to determine whether you need it replaced. If the duct is bent in any way, it can cause air flow to be restricted and clothes not to dry properly.

If you have a dryer that is in a location where you frequently use it and you don’t often use it, then you should clear the duct out at least once every year. You should clear out the duct immediately if your clothes take longer to dry or if there is a burning smell.

If the vent is obstructed, you should check it outside. If so, you will need to remove the obstruction and replace it. Our customers often use the wrong type dryer vent cover for the outside vent. This is the main reason why lint builds up. Supreme Vent Cleaning offers you a range of options for vent covers based on your requirements and budget. We don’t force you to purchase our products. However, we will provide you information about the vent covers so that you can decide on the spot.

Dryer Fire

dryer_fire_safetyThe number of dryer fires is surprising, and they are often completely avoidable. The dryer vent is often the source of a fire, either because it’s not regularly cleaned or because it has become clogged up with dust, lint, and other debris. This is why it’s important to maintain your dryer vent.

Most professionals will recommend cleaning the dryer ducts twice a year, although advice may vary. This may seem like an enormous task, but it is well worth the effort. This will ensure that your dryer can efficiently expel heat and moisture without overheating surrounding areas. The airflow between your machine and the outside is also free of debris such as lint or fibers which could spark a fire. According to NFPA’s (National Fire Protection Association), the majority of fires (92%) involved clothes dryers.

A dryer fire is much more dangerous than first appears. The fire can spread rapidly, and the toxic fumes released by flaming dryer lint may make the situation even more dangerous. Evacuate to a place that is safe outside of your home if you can. If you cannot do this, switch off the power at your dryer’s wall outlet. Do not open the door. It’s just too hot for you to handle. Opening the door can expose you either to carbon monoxide, or to a deadly fire.

Lint fires can be caused by many factors including electrical problems and mechanical failures. The leading cause of dryer flames is an accumulation of flammable dust. The fabric fibers in your clothes are released during the drying process. Some of these escape your dryer’s exhaust system or dryer vent. The lint in your dryer’s ducts is highly flammable and can cause it to burn if it accumulates.

It’s important to clean your lint filter and have your dryer vents cleaned, but you should also repair your transition ducts periodically. The ducts that connect your dryer with the vent are usually made from materials like aluminum foil or plastic, which can catch fire easily or become flammable when heated. In 2014-2018, fire departments responded on average to 13,820 fires in homes per year that were caused by dryers. The fires resulted in an average of 7 civilian deaths, 344 injuries and $233,000,000 worth of direct property damage per year.


You should have them cleaned by a professional at least twice a year if you can’t afford it. A professional can determine whether your ducts are sized correctly and help you to choose the size that is right for your needs.

To reduce the risk, you can dry items outside in a well-ventilated area or avoid using your dryer on items that are large. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using your dryer. Be sure to update your homeowner insurance coverage regularly. Supreme Vent Cleaning Phoenix is a good company to hire for dryer vent cleaning. You can visit our website or call us for a quote. Our work is guaranteed, and we offer before &after pictures. If you’re not satisfied, you won’t be charged.