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Pros and Cons of Humidifiers

Humidifiers add moisture to the air in your home, which can help relieve dry noses, cracked lips and bloody nasals. A humidifier may also cause some problems. In winter, increasing indoor humidity can cause your skin to become itchy and flaky. Humidifiers, if they are not used properly, can also cause mold or bacteria to grow. Supreme Vent Cleaning Phoenix can remove mold that has been trapped in your air ducts.


Dry air can cause havoc in the home and business, particularly during winter. The dry air can do everything from cracking wooden floors to causing static electricity that zaps electronic devices and shocks hair. This can cause irritation to the throat and nose resulting in sneezing or running eyes and skin itchiness. Humidifiers add moisture to the atmosphere to help with these issues. Supreme Vent Cleaning Phoenix offers air duct cleaning services if these problems are present.


If the humidifiers are not regularly cleaned and maintained, the moisture may cause problems. Humidifiers must be cleaned and drained daily. The water should be changed or sterilized in order to prevent the growth of mold. Mold spores can spread through the house if these steps are not taken. This will exacerbate respiratory issues.

On the market are a variety of humidifiers, from ultrasonic to steam models. Steam units are the most effective, as they add moisture to air using hot or cold water steam. They require both electricity and a water supply. They are the most expensive, but they can also damage ducts if there is too much steam or heat.

A humidifier that has a built-in humidity meter can reduce the risk of mold growth by monitoring indoor humidity. Cleaning the humidifier daily is important in order to remove any minerals and debris from its internal surface. Cleaning and disinfecting the interior surface is easy with a solution of distilled white vinegar (4-6%), hydrogen peroxide (3%) and acetone.

To reduce the risk that mold will grow, make sure that all ducts have been sealed completely and there are no leaks. Contacting a professional HVAC tech can help. It’s important to consider the pros and cons before selecting a humidifier for your home. Humidifiers for air duct cleaning can help maintain the right humidity, but if not used and maintained properly they can cause problems. For more information, contact Supreme Vent Cleaning AZ.


Humidifiers help relieve skin irritations, dry coughs and sinus congestion. Also, they can make it easier to breathe during cold or influenza season, as germs tend to be more prevalent in the drier air. In humidifiers, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms flourish. The bacteria grow in the humidifier’s water reservoir, on surfaces that are exposed to moist air and even the humidifier itself. These organisms are then airborne and can spread through the home, contaminating it.

Humidifiers come in many different types, from central to steam models. No matter what type of humidifier you choose, it must be cleaned regularly. This is especially true if the reservoir water is not inspected for a long time. The organisms can be spread throughout the home by the HVAC system. This will have a negative impact on everyone. It is important to have your air ducts cleaned if you are using a humidifier in order to keep your home safe and healthy. Supreme Vent Cleaning Phoenix can provide you with a thorough cleaning free quote.

Overabundances of moisture in air can lead to a number of symptoms including cracked lips and sneezing. It may also cause irritations of the nose, throat, or nose. In these conditions, the fungus which causes hives may also flourish. Humidifiers can worsen this problem by introducing allergens into your home.

Humidifiers can increase mucus production in your body when they are used to combat the dry air. This can cause nasal obstructions by thickening the phlegm created when you breath. When mucus is too thick, it can be difficult to get rid of the accumulated phlegm in your sinuses. This can lead to nasal irritation. Humidifiers add moisture to the air and can help to thin out phlegm.

It can also help you sleep better and breathe better. The main cause of snoring is constricted airways. A humidifier can help reduce this friction by adding moisture to your airways. Humidifiers may also help ease COPD symptoms, including breathing difficulties and chronic coughs. Use a humidifier specifically designed to treat your symptoms.


Humidifiers can be hailed as heroes of health, doing everything from moisturizing dry lips and skin, to soothing sinus passages and easing congestion. They can cause problems. Air in offices and homes is filled with bacteria, fungus and pollen. There are also other microorganisms, such as pet dander, dust and pet dander, that can cause allergies. Inhaling these microorganisms by humans can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Humidifiers can encourage these microorganisms to thrive and increase their number in your home or workplace. A humidifier can also make the air in your home or office dustier. This can lead to people with allergies being exposed to dust mite spores.

Humidity can cause allergies. The EPA recommends relative humidity levels of between 30 and 50% for home use. It is easier for allergens such as dust mites and mildew to grow in high humidity. When the humidity is high in a particular room, allergens are more likely to spread through doorways and return vents.

You can reduce allergens by adding moisture to your air, but it is important that you monitor the humidity in your home and keep it under 50%. You can do this by using a hygrometer that is sold in many hardware and electronic stores.

You should close the return vent in rooms that use a humidifier if you have a forced air system. This will prevent a big difference in humidity levels between rooms. You can also use a portable humidity to only add moisture in the room that is using it.

On the market are humidifiers that produce cool mist, warmth mist or ultrasonic. The cool and warm mist humidifiers produce a fine mist of water that cools in the humidifier before flowing into the home. They must be cleaned regularly to avoid bacterial contamination and growth. These units can also be noisy and produce mineral dust. A humidifier with a wick to absorb moisture can be difficult to clean, and it can increase the risk of infection. Supreme Vent Cleaning can clean your air ducts and check for mold. Supreme Vent Cleaninguses professional, high-grade equipment to remove the dust and debris from your ducts. You can breathe cleaner air now! Call us today!


cons-of-humidifiersHumidifiers may cause condensation in certain cases, particularly if left unattended for long periods. This can lead to the growth of mold, mildew or other microorganisms which can be harmful. When these microorganisms come in contact with the skin, it can cause irritation and produce other unpleasant symptoms. It is best to contact Supreme Vent Cleaning if you use humidifiers and suffer from allergies.

Depending on what type of humidifier you have, there are ways to avoid this. Steam vaporizers which cool the water a bit before they send it into the atmosphere can help prevent condensation. Keep the humidifier clear of cold surfaces like windows and mirrors. They can cause condensation to form.

It is also possible to clean your humidifier frequently in order to avoid bacteria growth. You can do this by cleaning the tank and emptying it daily. Purchase a hygrometer and use it to test your home’s humidity levels.

A humidifier has a number of benefits. They can relieve dry skin and chapped lip, soothe irritated throats and noses, and prevent cracking wood floors. The humidifier can also help with breathing during the winter when chilly indoor temperatures can cause mucus tissues to not function as they should.

Humidifiers are also able to reduce static electricity and protect delicate objects, like paintings in museums, from being damaged. Most experts recommend maintaining relative humidity levels in your home between 50% and 60%. This will reduce static and make it more difficult for viruses and bacteria spread.

Most humidifiers produce steam or blow heated air onto a damp pad to pump moisture into your home’s air. Portable or whole-house humidifiers can connect to your existing ductwork, and then distribute moisture throughout your entire home. Whole-house systems are generally more durable and require less maintenance. These systems can be expensive because they need to be professionally installed in order to properly integrate with your home’s heating system and cooling system.

You should get your air ducts cleaned at least every five to ten years, according to Supreme Vent  Cleaning.Visit our website or give us a call for a call for a quote.